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How Do I Show Hidden Files In OS X Finder?

The easiest way is to click the Go menu in the Finder and select Go to Folder. Plug the path of the folder into the dialog box and click Go or press Enter. You have to press this keyboard shortcut, click over to another folder, and then click the Desktop folder again. Hidden folders and files will appear so you can easily access them from here. The Finder does offer an option to view hidden files. To view hidden files in the Finder, open a Terminal window and run the following commands in it, pressing Enter after each one:.

How To Show Hidden Files & Folders On Mac OS X

This command tells Finder to show hidden files and then restarts it. They appear partially transparent to distinguish hidden files and folders from normally unhidden ones. Want to stop Finder from showing hidden files and folders? Want to unhide a file or folder? Here is how to use it step by step:.

View Hidden Files and Folders on Your Mac With Terminal

Download Funter here. Launch the application.

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After switching visibility, your Finder will be relaunched and all hidden files will be visible. The first two methods require a little time and manual labor. You can also write scripts in separate files, and run those commands.

Nonetheless, we recommend using Funter to hide and unhide files and folders. It is more convenient and easy to use.

Critical system files may need to be

Moreover, Funter is preferable due to the ability to search for hidden files and hide files. Free Download.


The first part changes the hidden file setting to show files showing all is now YES. The second part restarts the Finder so the files will now show up. Does the command work? Related commands. Login with Facebook Login with Twitter. Forgotten password?