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Foolproof Brow Powder. Great Brows Taupe. Great Brows. Great Brows Cork. Great Brows Spiked. The pigmentation of both eyeliners is very strong, just by passing the brush once the black color is very intense, even the formula of both is very similar because the two are really very soft to apply do not feel lumps or something by the style. Both are long-lasting, I have used both during the whole day from 8 in the morning to 10 pm and if I noticed difference The gel eyeliner Bobbi Brown holds up perfectly all that time, Maybelline from the 12 hours if you carve the eyes begin to fade and although you also carve your eyes with Bobbi Brown, it remains intact.

The two eyeliners are approved water formula, I tested both in a pool just to see how well they hold the water and the two remained intact! The first is the range of colors, Bobbi Brown has 6 different colors to choose from, I have tried black and one coffee and I love them. Maybelline has The second is that although the formula feels the same when applied Bobbi Brown lasts a little longer than Maybelline, but if your days are not as long as mine or you do not carve your eyes too much Maybelline is perfect. The last and biggest difference is the price! I've been using Bobbi Brown for a long time, for two years I bought it 2 times and I was hesitant to buy it again for the price, but for now I think I'll stay with Maybelline because their differences are minimal.

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Besides, I love that when I apply it, it feels the same as Bobbi Brown. If you want to take care of your economy Maybelline is more than recommended! Have you tried the Bobbi Brown or Maybelline gel eyeliner? Do not forget to tell us in the comments which of them you like the most. I loved this review!


I used Bobbi Brown's eyeliner, but recently I ran out; I saw that of Maybelline and I thought I would try it, now I know which one to buy, thank you very much, I hope you will use me. Hello Virginia!

I recommend it super, it's a very good alternative for Bobbi Brown. I have used both and the truth is I am happier with maybelline. I bought Bobbi Brown's and had it in my make-up case, I stopped using it for a few weeks and when I wanted to use it again it was very dry and impossible to use again. I happened with two colors that I bought. I guess it does not end well to close the Bobbi Brown or I did not close it well and now I'm more careful and close the Maybelline better and that's why I have not had that problem.

Hi Jessica! My first Bobbi Brown eyeliner also dried up, I do not know why, but I put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and it was like new With the second I did not have that problem, but now that I'm using Maybelline I think its packaging is better designed because I have not dried a bit. Hello, excellent Post and again requesting your advice, I live in a tropical country and my skin is oily, the eyeliner runs for me, the top line near the tear, even if it is waterproof, what will I be doing wrong?

Thank you very much from now on.

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner Maybelline - Beauty District.

Hello Lilo! With your oily skin and the weather it is very easy for that to happen, but before putting on the eyeliner you use a base type primer? If you do not use a base yet I can recommend MAC Paint Pot in color Painterly is a base to apply before shades of skin color, I use it before applying my eyeliner although I do not use shadows and with that my eyeliner does not move for nothing of place. Hello, I love the page but more is section.

You can see how professional they are when they compare and I like the honesty with which they describe the products. I would like to make a dupes articles of mac lipsticks with Jordanian since those lipsticks are very expensive and I do not think we can all get them so easy, on the other hand the ones from Jordan are super cheap. Greetings and continue like this. Hello, thank you very much for your comments Of course, if we have this post scheduled! Thank you! You have not used Mary Kay's? Hello Adriana! I have to try that eyeliner and put it to the test, so you tell me it seems to work super excellent I will also try the first, that I still can not find one that works well with me because I have very greasy eyelids.

Thank you very much.


It's the first time I see your blog, I loved your duplicate work and I join the girls who recommend the gel eyeliner Mary Kay, is very cute and supportive if you test you fall in love. Thank you very much for your work!!! Hello Erika, thank you very much for your comment I really love doing all this and soon we will have videos on YouTube.